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* Private School Class with American students:

     AM: English (Listening, Speaking & Easy Writing), Music Class and Computer Class

     PM: Art & Crafts, Library time, Indoor Play with American Students

* Alexander Technique Class:

Alexander Technique is a method for improving consciousness and awareness of how one uses his or her body.

The technique encourages efficiency of the body through releasing excess tension and improving musculoskeletal balance.

Alexander Technique is to enhance performance.

Athletes, singers, dancers, and musicians use the Technique to improve breathing, vocal production, and speed and accuracy of movement.

* Musical Theatre:

Musical theatre offers an experience that combines singing, acting, and dancing.

You can find your voice, you can stand in front of people and be seen, be heard and have a positive experience.

Students learn song-and-dance combinations from contemporary musical theater material .

* Art Class:

Student will explore many creative media to broaden their imaginations and learn techniques of drawing, painting and mixed media.


     Disneyland, Universal Studio, UCLA, Hollywood & Los Angeles Downtown Sightseeing, Getty Museum, NBC Tour, Shopping Mall and

     Beach B.B.Q. with American Family and so on...

Meet and converse with American Families:

     Gain cultural understanding and have fun at the Beach BBQ and a special Dinner with American Family..


Last day of enrollment :  May 30th

Included in Cost

   * Tuition(Carden private school class, Music and Art class)

   * Meals: 3 Times a Day

   * Transportation: Van

   * Traveller's Insurance (Insurance inside the US for both medical and accident.)

   * Accommodations (3 star hotels - standard 2 per room)

   * Special cultural and recreational field trip

Not included in Cost

   * Airline ticket from China

Website: www.camp.nccmusic.org

Address: 7342 Orangethorpe Ave #C-101, Buena Park, CA 90621 U.S.A.

Tel: 562-760-6806 & 714-522-6789 Fax: 724-733-5761

Contact: Dr. Hye Kyung Lee

Email: nccofmusic@att.net

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